Population health management is often seen as a healthcare issue. However, health systems are commonly the provider of services to the population and do not always ‘own’ the responsibility for the wellness agenda. Local Government does, and increasingly is using its convening power to lead the population health concept, bringing together health and social care with more traditional local government areas such as housing and employment to develop data driven services targeted at those who can benefit.

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Population health analytics enables proactive preventative interventions

Population Health management provides a new perspective, where the unit of analysis is no longer activity, but people.

We help systems to understand a population’s needs, assess risks and identify effective and efficient interventions, targeting cohorts and individuals who will benefit. We then build in evaluation and monitoring to quantify the impact.This approach facilitates a shift in focus, from individual organisations buying and delivering care, to the population as the organising principle of the health and care system.


Population health analytics strategy

Risk stratification and modeling

Impactability modelling

Cloud-based analytics platforms

Data integration and interoperability

Full stack PHM solutions, from engineering to impact

Our Offering

Our extensive healthcare experience, technical expertise and grounding in NHS information governance principles mean we can support your organisation at all stages of your journey towards embedding Population Health Management. With our ability to bring together data, stakeholders and technology, Methods Analytics can provide end-to-end solutions that utilize our other offerings as a business and apply them to this unique and emerging approach to healthcare.


Population Health Case Studies