The Platforms team at Methods Analytics design and build engaging, data-centric solutions, led by user-needs.

We are a team of developers, product owners, testers and all-round Agile enthusiasts. We build intuitive and user-centric front-ends that allow your users to easily collect, secure, explore and understand complex data. We work together in scrum teams to take your idea from Discovery, through to Live product with a constant focus on your vision and your users’ experience.

Creating solutions to deploy the outputs of analysis


Digital Capability

Solution Design


Tech Readiness

Software Development

GDS Service Assessments

NHS Digital Service Standards

Sectors for Platforms

Platforms For Lifescience

We have utilised our knowledge and experience within Healthcare and transferred the understanding of common challenges, to Lifescience and Pharma. We have built Value-Story Dashboards, Real-World Data platforms and Value-Based-Pricing solutions.

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Platforms For Defence

We provide platforms for the UK Defence sector focusing on Data Visualisation and Dash boarding. These projects typically involve the Microsoft Stack (Power BI, SQL Server, Azure) but can also include other product sets such as Tableau and D3.js. We have in-depth knowledge of the data sets, working practices and Information Governance requirements that pertain to the defence market.

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Platforms For Healthcare

We build intuitive and engaging platforms that deliver actionable intelligence to your users. We have created complex interactive platforms for key NHS programmes such as the NHS England Specialised Commissioning Quality Dashboard Programme and the DH Medical Examiners online portal. Our Stethoscope™ platform surfaces detailed, interactive NHS benchmarking data on the quality and efficiency or care with market share and opportunity analysis at your fingertips. We can create bespoke platforms to enable you to have access to views of national data and local data to help you make better decisions and improve services locally.

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Platforms For Government

Government-as-a-platform is in our DNA. Our team have been vocal advocates of lego government, building better digital services underpinned by robust, extensible platforms – and we understand the power of data within Government. Working to the GDS Service Standards we build solutions that allow your users to analyse information easily and securely, across departments and disciplines, from back-office to the front-line and make better decisions.

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Never done anything like this before?

Do you have an idea or a requirement that you think there must be an easier way of solving? Are you unsure if a Platform build is suitable, or whether your audience, organisation or finance colleagues are ready? Our product experts will help you explore your ideas all the way from a sketch in an old notepad through to a fully embedded, live solution. We provide coaching on all the Agile processes we run, we can work within your existing team and we are flexible to your project management requirements.


Platform Case Studies