We work with central government, local government and arms-length-bodies, helping departments and organisations by bringing expert capability and capacity to solve problems. This can range from delivering a data science service using AI to derive intelligence from unstructured data to rapidly scaling an engineering team to undertake a complex data migration.

Integrating data from disparate sources, delivering intelligence.

We are a ‘full stack’ analytics business. As such we are able to start with data engineering, creating a high performance and secure analytics environment, bringing together your data, such as health and social care, welfare, housing and employment, socio-demographics and education into a single combined repository to enable powerful analysis and data driven services that we can develop with you to produce powerful data driven insight.


GDS service assessments

Cross-sector data integration

Population health analytics


Cross-sector service design

Convening Government agencies and providers at a local level to leverage siloed data.

Services for Government

Data science & AI

We use the latest predictive modelling and AI techniques as required to deliver actionable intelligence. We start by understanding the problem in focus and the data available to work with. Then in partnership with you we design and build solutions that perfectly suit your needs. Our data science team is backed up with serious data engineering know-how, enabling us to break down data silos and integrate internal and external data sets to drive more powerful insight.

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Our BIaaS offer to local government is to provide capability and capacity shaped to your requirements. Whether the need is to undertake a legacy data migration or setting up a central data, intelligence and performance hub to own and manage your core data we can put place a high performing team of specialist data engineers and analysts to maximise efficiency and effective responses to council staff and the public alike. Our teams integrate with you, delivering in partnership and preparing you for transition.

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Population Health Management

Population health management is often seen as a healthcare issue. However, health systems are commonly the provider of services to the population and do not always ‘own’ the responsibility for the wellness agenda. Local Government does, and increasingly is using its convening power to lead the population health concept, bringing together health and social care with more traditional local government areas such as housing and employment to develop data driven services targeted at those who can benefit.

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Government-as-a-platform is in our DNA. Our team have been vocal advocates of lego government, building better digital services underpinned by robust, extensible platforms – and we understand the power of data within Government. Working to the GDS Service Standards we build solutions that allow your users to analyse information easily and securely, across departments and disciplines, from back-office to the front-line and make better decisions.

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