Formal original scientific journal articles published by our team or by partners based on our data or analyses produced by us as part of our work.

Variation in outcomes and use of laparoscopy in elective inguinal hernia repair.

R. Palser, T & Swift, S & N. Williams, R & Bowrey, David & J. Beckingham, I.

The early outcomes of inguinal hernia repair in routine practice and the extent to which the laparoscopic approach is used are unknown. The aims of this study were to identify national benchmarks for early reoperation and readmission rates, to identify the degree to which the laparoscopic approach is used for elective hernia surgery in England, and to identify whether there is any variation nationally.

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BJS Open. 2019


Despite an increasing emphasis on data-driven quality improvement, few validated quality indicators for emergency surgical services have been published. The aims of this study therefore were: 1) to investigate whether the acute cholecystectomy rate is a valid process indicator; and 2) to use this rate to examine variation in the provision of acute cholecystectomy in England.

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The Annals of The Royal College of Surgeons of England 2019

DOI 101:6, 422-427.

Increasing scrutiny on both individual and unit outcomes after surgical procedures is now expected. In the field of inflammatory bowel disease, this is particularly pertinent for outcomes after ileoanal pouch surgery.

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Colorectal Disease

2018 Jul;20(7):597-605.

Variation in laparoscopic anti-reflux surgery across England: a 5-year review.

Thomas R. Palser, Adam Ceney, Alex Navarro, Simon Swift, David J. Bowrey, and Ian J. Beckingham.

The aims of this study were firstly to examine the processes and outcomes of anti-reflux surgery in England and compare them to national guidelines and secondly to explore potential variations in practice nationally and establish peer benchmarks.

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Surgical Endoscopy 

2018; 32(7): 3208–3214.

Emergency Day Case Surgery for Abscess Drainage – Time for change?

Simon Swift, Adam Ceney, Sue Eve-Jones, Mark Skues & Celia Ingham Clark.

Emergency day case surgery for drainage of abscesses is an established care pathway that is not widely practised. This paper reviews the current length of stay for patients in England undergoing treatment, specifically for perianal abscesses.

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December 2015

Geographical Disparities in Colon Cancer Care in Europe: Implications for Access to Innovative Medicines Via the UK Cancer Drugs Fund

Godber E, NiGodber E1, Ni Choitir C2, Ratcliffe M2, Bailey O3, Tatla S4, Fountain D2, Cadwell K2, Fox D2.

To undertake a pragmatic, comparative analysis of cancer care pathways to identify drivers of improving cancer survival across Europe, using colon cancer as a case study.

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Value Health.

To review evidence-based processes used in UK cancer funding decisions, using biologics in metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC) as a case study.

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Value Health.

Using an epidemiological model to investigate unwarranted variation: the case of ventilation tubes for otitis media with effusion in England

Schang, Laura, De Poli, C., Airoldi, Mara, Morton, Alec, Bohm, N., Lakhanpaul, Monica, Schilder, A. and Bevan, Gwyn

To investigate unwarranted variation in ventilation tube (VT) insertions for
otitis media with effusion (OME) in children in England. This procedure is known to be ‘overused’ from audits of care provided, as only one in three VT insertions conform to the appropriateness criteria by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE); but audits cannot identify the scale of ‘underuse’: i.e. patients who would benefit but are not treated.

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Epidemiological models

2014 Oct;19(4):236-44. doi: 10.1177/1355819614536886.

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Commissioning: show me the way to consistent clinical care. 

Beasley N, Cripps J, Swift S. Health Serv

A pioneering project is establishing clear, consistent and credible value-based commissioning guidelines for a wide range of surgical procedures

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Health Service Journal

2013 May 17