Methods Analytics

Methods Analytics are a leading edge technology business using the latest techniques and methodologies, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science and predictive analytics, to enable business success.
Methods Analytics were created from a function in the NHS whose role was to help doctors and managers make decisions based on data and information as opposed to anecdote and whim.

This team worked as an NHS body for 4 years until an NHS re-organisation abolished the host. The work they had done at a local, regional and national level led to transformative change across the country. The team had a vision to grow and develop the work beyond that they had been able to do in the NHS and founded the company to deliver this. Since then Methods Analytics has grown, creating products and delivering analytics consultancy across healthcare, defence, police, local government and Lifesciences.


Our heritage is in healthcare and we have strong domain knowledge across the healthcare industry. Over the last three years we have expanded with significant work in police, defence, central government and the Lifescience industry.

Strong in-house capability

We have strong in-house capability including infrastructure, data management, MI/BI capability,  product and platform development which we utilise to broaden the scope of the pure AI & Data-science capability to enable full service delivery to our clients.

Analysis can start with a problem to be solved, or data to be explored.

How we work

It always starts with a conversation. More important than all the maths is the ability to support interpretation, as this is the magic that transforms information into actionable intelligence.We have deep domain expertise across healthcare, lifesciences, police, defence and education and understand how data can be used to improve services and solve problems.

This may be to understand the business in focus, the context and what actions or decisions the output of analysis will inform. We are experts at understanding how to apply analytical techniques to explore your issues and specialists in surfacing the outcomes of that analysis in simple, intuitive and beautiful solutions and products.

Agile Development

Methods Analytics is an experienced practitioner of the Agile methodology with senior managers, clinicians and other data-centric stakeholders and we have adapted the Agile development process for effective use in the analytics sector.

Agile Not Fragile

All our development is based on Agile principles, that allow us to produce usable, more appropriate and user-centred products in shorter timeframes than traditional, Waterfall development.