Methods Analytics turn data into actionable intelligence.

Working across sectors to support you to answer key business questions, delivering insight into your organisation and customers. Deploying leading AI and Data Science methodologies combined with traditional analytics techniques to enable business success.

About us

Methods Analytics was created from a function in the NHS whose role was to help doctors and managers make decisions based on data and information as opposed to anecdote and whim.

This team worked as an NHS body for 4 years until an NHS re-organisation abolished the host. The work they had done at a local, regional and national level led to transformative change across the country. The team had a vision to grow and develop the work beyond that they had been able to do in the NHS and founded the company to deliver this. Since then Methods Analytics has grown, creating products and delivering analytics consultancy across healthcare, defence, police, local government and Lifesciences.

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Why work with us


We are data science and AI experts, utilising the latest techniques to deliver value to you.


We believe the transparency that data driven approaches bring to an organisation require an ethical framework.


We enable you to understand the potential to drive decisions from analysis and create capability in your teams.


We deliver transformative solutions across public and commercial sectors that have an impact.


Our team has delivered hundreds of successful projects and managed services over the last nine years.


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